Remaking the Economy So That Sharing Is the New Owning

Even for fervent free-marketers, sharing is the new owning? From today’s New York Times Magazine:

Zipcar (…) exuberantly markets the notion that life is better without ownership — car ownership, at least. Zipcar doesn’t tell people not to drive; it urges them not to own. It’s such a brazen conceit that it would seem positively communist if Zipcar weren’t run by a bunch of fervent free marketers. Zipcar’s predicate is that sharing is to ownership what the iPod is to the eight-track, what the solar panel is to the coal mine. Sharing is clean, crisp, urbane, postmodern; owning is dull, selfish, timid, backward. In Zipcar’s view, sharing is big business too — bigger, potentially, than anyone can fathom. Its claim is that the winners in the new economy will be those who crack the puzzle posed by scarce resources.

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2 Responses to Remaking the Economy So That Sharing Is the New Owning

  1. Laura says:

    I’m all for it. I think it would push boundaries further in that there would be a imputus to walk or bike to run daily errands rather than hoping in your nearby car. It would both re–kindle our waning urban neighborhood communities and increase daily routine activity (not exercising, but living.)

  2. Sharing will come about through necessity, not free will. Community gardens will be the same way, but you most likely won’t also be able to go to McDonalds. America has been living off of the fruits of massive fraud. It will take a lot for your average city to allow such things as community gardens. Most likely code violations all. America has almost ruled itself to death. It will be interesting to see how they unwind their rules when the average person actually becomes hungry.

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