Proposals to Reimagine Paris City Design

Paris, France: Taking the first steps to re-design the way we think about a city: (from the International Herald Tribune)

Jean Nouvel proposes creating a green belt that would circle the entire city. (…) The outer ring would become a sort of 620-mile-long community garden, with residents tending their plots along an endless string of parks and fields.

(… A)ll of the projects recognize the strong link between urban policy and social equality. In tying environmental concerns to issues of identity, they suggest ways to begin reversing the growing social divisions that mark the contemporary city. If they inspire a broader global debate on these tensions, they will already have accomplished something of significant value.

How does Jean Nouvel see developing the green outer ring of Paris? How are other architects contribuiting to these same ideas? How are other the cites begining and thriving of practicing urban agriculture?  How are architects working with and becoming a component of urban farming?  How can architects, elected officials,  and governement policy help be encouraged to support urban agriculture-friendly initiatives?

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