Prayer for Iran in Time of Unrest


TEHRAN, IRAN: Post-election protest has moved hundreds of thousands to the streets for the last 4 days, defying the orders of the Guardian Council and the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.  Taking silently to the streets, a huge number of protesters faced repression to denounce the “landslide victory” of incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who was officialy declared as having won re-election over a popular (and more liberal) challenger Mir Hussein Moussavi.

Since Friday’s election, critics calling for a recount have been jailed,  little has been seen of Moussavi, and between 1 and 7 protesters have been reported killed by state or militia violence.

Ali Khamenei today unexpectedly declared a 10-day recount period, though it is perceived to be unlikely the supreme leader of the Revolutionary Guard will change the results of the election.

Ali Reza, a young actor from Iran, was quoted in todays NYTimes, saying:

“These people are not seeking a revolution. We don’t want this regime to fall. We want our votes to be counted, because we want reforms, we want kindness, we want friendship with the world.”

Several English language posts and articles have documented how technology is shaping the ability and organization of the protests.  Use of twitter, in particular, is mentioned in blog posts here, and in the NYTimes here.

Amy Goodman, from Democracy Now, interviewed Nahid Siamdoust, as reported today here.

(Could someone tell me of Farsi language blogs located in Iran..? I’m asuming government censorship is the reason little on Google Search is coming up.  Besides, there’s no Farsi Google Translator to at least give me some search hints… Any help?)

Regardless of any language barrier, I send the people of Iran prayers of safety and well-being.

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