Will Allen Heading to White House to Help First Lady Launch Obesity Initiative: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

From today’s JS Online:

Milwaukee urban farmer Will Allen is on his way to the White House to share a podium with First Lady Michelle Obama on Tuesday.


Allen said Monday that he also plans to invite the First Lady and other national leaders gathered for the Tuesday announcement to visit Milwaukee and to see Growing Power in action.

“I’m excited to have the chance to talk about what we do here,” Allen said in a phone interview.


“We need to look at this as a critical challenge from birth — even from before birth,” Allen said in a prepared statement. “From pre-natal nutrition to what children are being fed in daycare centers, to kindergarten and all through the grades, we have to ask ourselves why we are settling for poor food for our children. We have to institutionalize good food in our schools, and not only in the cafeteria, but in our teaching every day.

“We also need to be able to grow food year-round where it’s needed, despite the climate, the way we are doing it here at Growing Power in Milwaukee. We need to scale up these efforts, growing good soil, growing good food, growing the relationships necessary to distribute and deliver this food to people.”

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