Delicious bookmarking

This blog is accompanied by delicious bookmarking account “cronopios29”. Both blog and delicious account serve as acts of archiving related information. The delicious account has a much wider aperture for  soliciting content.

Readers are able to search the “cronopios29” account archives by tag or search word .

Readers with delicious accounts are able to link to the “cronopios29” account, and send bookmarks to this blog’s facilitator at “cronopios29” over the delicious network.

2 Responses to Delicious bookmarking

  1. sanjuanpr says:

    Hi, I just want to know how you did to have this delicious widget? I want to put it in my blog, but is impossible to find it? It looks pretty cool in your blog. Well, thank you and I hope you can help me!!!

    • Hi! If you use wordpress, and you don’t see it, check to see of yr appearance selection of the blog face supports the delicious widget, then just make a tag for your delicious links specifically for posts that you want to appear on your blog, and type that word in your wordpress delicious widget, then all your delicious bookmarks that have that tag (like “sanjuanpr”, will show up on the wordpress widget on your blog. If you type in multiple tags, I think it will only show bookmarks booked with at least both of those tags. Make sense?

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